Our offer consists of the best Italian varieties, renowned in food industry for their excellent quality, size, round kernel shape and other organoleptic properties:

Tonda Di Giffoni

One of the most highly appreciated Italian varieties. It is characterised by the following properties: almost perfect round kernel, firm white flesh which is easy to remove from the skin and aromatic taste. It is very suitable for baking and calibration, so it is highly demanded in the food industry.

Tonda Gentile Romana

This is one of the most interesting varieties grown in central Italy. It is characterised by medium sized bush, uniform kernel size, while crop matures relatively early (in the first half of September). Kernel is round in shape and skin easily peels off. It fills up to 46% of the shell. 

Tonda Gentile Delle Langhe

Highly regarded cultivar due to its aromatic taste, easy calibration and easy cracking due to its thin shell. It is suitable for prolonged storage. Kernel skin is easily peeled off after baking. It belongs to highly productive varieties resistant to frost. Kernel fills in 46% to 50% of the shell. 


Variety in high demand due to its smooth and aromatic kernel, ivory colour and excellent taste. Kernel is slightly elongated, almost cylindrical in shape. It is well known for the ease of skin removal from the kernel. Shell is fairly thin, so it easy to de-shell. It is very suitable for pollinating other hazelnut varieties.